About Us


BOMANFX Registered as a professional financial investment brand in the US NFA (ID: 0522575) and regulated by the British Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Law (ST: 25389 BC 2019), providing foreign exchange, commodities, stock indexes and other diversified global financial products 24 Hours online trading service. Committed to providing customers with top-level trading investment experience and achieving the goal of increasing wealth by means of highly competitive products, superior leading technology and professional and considerate services.


BOMANFX provides trading services for forex on the world’s most popular trading platform Metatrader 4.

Traders buy or sell products in order to gain profit. At BOMANFX we offer variety of products to open up a wide opportunity for our investors to be able to trade variety of products and gain much more profit.

Clients can trade on BOMANFX’s MetaTrader 4 platform with one of the lowest spreads in the market along with some of the outstanding Credites here at BOMANFX.

Our Features


BOMANFX reputation has stood the test of time. We guarantee the security of clients’ fund.

Convenient services

You can trade variety of products in a comfortable trading environment anywhere around the world

Safety of fund

Your funds are completely protected by our advanced security system.

Lower spread

We provide our clients with the lowest spread possible during all market condition.


The way BOMANFX work is simple and it complies with all legal requirements. Complete information about our services are provided to our clients.

24/5 customer support

We have staff members with experienced multilingual support available for any enquiries and assistance 24/5.

Deposit Credit

We offer 50% deposit Credit on every deposit you make. Maximum obtainable amount of Credit is $5,000.

Flexible leverage

You can control a much larger value with only a small deposit. We offer up to 1:200 leverage.


The mission of BOMANFX is to let our clients use excellent trading systems anywhere and anytime. We have been dedicated to help our customers to succed, by trying to understand what our clients need and to support traders in accomplishing their goals. In this way, we were able to provide our traders with an exceptional trading environment. We offer the fairest and most transparent trading platform to you.


BOMANFX is a global forex broker who provides financial services by online in more than 70 countries. Our vision is to create the greatest trading environment to help you understand your financial capabilities and finally maximize your profits. You can also keep up with global foreign financial market trends and read it with BOMANFX. Therefore, we want to give our clients a hand to develop yourself and grow together.

If you are looking for a reliable and transparent forex broker, come and join our service!