Transaction bonus promotion

Boman provides a variety of benefits to customers, and presents a $50 transaction bonus when opening an account. That is to say, when you register your real account for the first time, we will give you $50 credit (non withdrawable), you can experience our products and gift services with your newly registered account without initial deposit.

No need to enter gold
All profits earned can be paid
Bonus is automatically credited to your account
New customers only

Other notes:
1. During the event, each customer (the same ID) can only enjoy this offer once. The same new customer cannot participate in two account opening activities at the same time. If there are other preferential activities in the same period, the terms of other preferential policies shall prevail.

2. The account contains a $50 gift (non withdrawable). The trading environment and conditions of the account are consistent with the standard account, and the leverage is 200 times.

3. In order to protect the rights and interests of real customers during the activity period, after the profit amount reaches US $50, the profit can be transferred from the gift account to any real trading account of the person (real account under the same ID name, account type is not limited,The real trading account can only be activated after the deposit transaction), the maximum profit amount that can be transferred out is not more than US $150, and the gift does not support withdrawal or transfer.

4. In order to avoid irregular transactions such as order swiping, the position time should be more than 180 seconds.

5. The bonus may be used to offset the negative balance of the trading account, make up the margin or other balance due to the transaction.

6. Boman has the right to stop the client's transaction and cancel the reward qualification if the client's irregular transaction is found during the activity.

7. Customers need to pay attention to the arrangement of service charge specified in the deposit and withdrawal account on the website.