IB (Introducing Brokers) program

BOMANFX IB program is made to give rewards to any introducing broker such as organizations and individuals worldwide for bringing new customers to BOMANFX. We provide our introducing brokers with undeniable benefits such as highly volume-based rebates and all services of our trading platforms through execution of all transactions occurred.

Benefits for IBs and Partners

  • Earn competitive commission reward
  • Fast and reliable platform
  • Customized trading environment for traders
  • Build your own business network
  • Full marketing and technological support
  • Access to your client's trading activity
  • Excellent trading conditions and environment for traders
  • Professional research and report

How to become an IB?

You can join in a BOMANFX IB program by clicking ‘Become an IB’ below. Once you have submitted your application form through our website, our IB program manager will examine your application form.

Referral Link

Copy your referral link and share it with your clients and traders.
When they visit Gftrade’s website via your referral link and complete to sign up, they become your own clients.

Affiliate Code

Copy your affiliate code and share it with your clients and traders. When they enter your affiliate code in the sign up page, they become your own clients.

White Label Program

BOMANFX White label program is for those individuals or firms who are looking to become and establish their own forex brokerage firm with their own brand in the industry. Our white label solution allows you to operate a regular brokerage firm with your identity. We guarantee a quality product and superior trading platforms for your business. If you want to provide your clients with market leading technology, environment and services, BOMANFX White Label program is the best solution for you.

Your Own Brand

BOMANFX helps you develop and grow your own business providing all the strategic plan and marketing tools to achieve your goal - including website development, banner and logos.
We offer you high quality trading services with professional platforms carrying your own brand, so that your clients can experience the better trading environment. The MT4 trading platform can be also customized to your own brand. You can reduce every risk and grow your profits by setting the leverage, spreads and margin requirements.


Our White Label partnership program is suitable for startup companies or individuals. Under BOMANFX White Label program, the startup cost is low and you can enjoy independency in company's administrative work.
We take high responsibility for back-office work and risk management for you to focus on your business. Set your own trading conditions and develop your own partnership program.

Benefits for you and your clients

BOMANFX provides the best market price, transparent model, multi liquidity and a wide range of trading products. We are dedicated to develop your business and fully support to provide marketing and technological tools.
You will earn competitive commissions on every trade your clients made, so enjoy watching your profit increases! Your clients will be provided with a highl professional forex trading environment. Achieve your goals with trusted BOMANFX!