Financial Security

Financial Security

We provide a high-quality trading environment for traders, allowing customers to have the ultimate trading experience, while protecting the trader's financial security as our top priority. Our reputation for excellence has been recognized by many traders.

Safe with Us

Here at BOMANFX, we place keeping client’s fund safe as our first priority as high as providing the greatest trading environment. We understand that the idea of keeping your fund with someone else can bring concerns to your feelings. To keep our client concern free without any worries about their fund, BOMANFX always take extra care and security when it comes to money.

Partnership with Major Banks

BOMANFX has established cooperative relationships with major banks around the world, and has realized the separation of depository and management. While ensuring the safety of traders' funds, it strictly abides by laws and regulations and always adheres to the customer's sole criteria.

Segregated Funds

To ensure secured environment and system, we keep all of our client’s fund held at BOMANFX's segregated account. We are taking precaution to prevent client’s fund from being exposed or used for other redundant purposes. Upon receiving funds from clients, we place them into segregated accounts associated with top tier banks that we have established partnership with.

FCA Regulation

BOMANFX Registered with the US NFA (ID: 0522575) and regulated by the laws of the British Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (ID: 25389 BC 2019).